Most Popular Styles of Womens Sandals

Most Popular Styles of Womens Sandals

Wearing trendy womans sandals is a great way to show off a new pedicure or keep the feet cool during the warm spring and summer months. Womens sandals online come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. There are a few types that you will want to always keep in your closet to be prepared for every occasion.

The Gladiator Just as it sounds, these womens sandals are inspired by ancient Roman footware. They consist of straps that cover the foot and can either rise to the ankle or up the calf. These are super lightweight and can be worn with any type of summer clothing.

The Flip Flop There is nothing quite like a basic flip flop. They quickly slide onto the foot, are super comfortable and are versatile. Depending on the manufacturer and brand, flip flops are typically inexpensive.

Heel Sandals This style of womens sandals is great for a fun night out or a special occcasion. Wedged heels are particulary comfortable to wear and can come in a variety of materials and colors. Strappy high heels go great with short skirts and skinny jeans.

Mary Jane Sandals These womens sandals are a bit more retro and modest in style. They typically cover the front part of the toes and the heel, with an opening in the middle and a buckle on the side. They come in a variety of different materials and designs.

FlatBed Sandals Flatbeds are a style of womens gladiator sandals at that are very simple in design. They usually consist of one thick strap around the ankle and one strap near the toes. The material that they are made of will determine how comfortable they are. These are especially breathable for the feet. It is important to make sure this style fits particularly well.

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