White Sandals

Versatile White Sandals

White sandals are not just for summer casual wear, especially when they come in such gorgeous styles. From dressed up flip flops with rhinestone accents to high heeled stiletto cutout toe sandals, white sandals go with just about everything! If you live in a warm weather climate like Florida or California, strappy white sandals  are the perfect shoes to wear year round with evening gowns or sexy flirty skirts.

Take a look in your shoe closet and you may find yourself surrounded with black, beige and brown shoes. Even if you go for colors, it’s hard to find a shade to go with every outfit if you are on a budget. From creamy ivory to dove white, these shoes add a crisp, clean look to liven up your dull wardrobe. You can get these lovely sandals in sleek shiny leather or canvas. Create your own fairy tale look with white sandals adorned with glitter sparkles which are perfect for your wedding day.
Even if you live where the sun doesn’t shine year round, wearing socks with sandals is no longer taboo. Today’s new indie fashion looks combine colorful hose with white sandals for a dramatic contrast. With white sandals in your wardrobe, you are only as limited as your imagination to the types of looks you can create. Set your own trends by adding a matching white handbag to go with your shoes and you’ll be sure to turn heads.
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